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Self Sufficiency-Getting Started

Dec 15, 2010 | Guides, News

The thought of embarking on domestic food production can be quite daunting. Where to start from the many options is the question.

These options include:

  • Growing vegetables
  • Planting fruit trees
  • Setting up a chicken coop
  • Keeping bees
  • Engaging in aquaculture

There are many possibilities and while the options indicated will be mutually beneficial if all are done together not all will appeal or be practical in the beginning.

It is suggested that a project be chosen as a starting point. An excellent first project might be to construct a raised vegetable bed. This is a simple construction to undertake; a raised plot provides excellent drainage and maintenance is also much easier than with the equivalent ground level plot. A raised plot, additionally, can be an attractive feature in a garden. Alternately a project may be to implement a landscape design that features a substantial portion of fruit trees and plants that can contribute to the kitchen. Beekeeping can also be a fascinating pastime.

Whatever project you decide upon there are many resources available on how to proceed both on the web and in books at your local library. There is also a range of books at the Bee Sustainable online store and project ideas will be posted at this site as time progresses.

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