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Robert , the proprietor of Bee Sustainable, came from a beekeeping family and has been involved with many different beekeeping practices for many years.

Recognising that beekeeping compliments a broad approach to sustainable living, the shop offers a number of approaches to domestic food production including preserving supplies, bread making and cheese making supplies in addition to beekeeping equipment. Workshops are also offered on all these topics and the book section offers a curated selection of the best on beekeeping and sustainable living. The business opened in March 2011 at Brunswick East Australia.

For an introduction to beekeeping and its place in a domestic setting kindly watch our Bees in the Garden video.

Our Mission

Here at Bee Sustainable, our mission is to allow people to lead a more sustainable life through home food preservation – provided through beekeeping courses for beginners and equipment for domestic production of beekeeping, bread making, and preservation storage systems.

Products Offered

Bee Sustainable is a fully rounded organisation and does not just stick to beekeeping practices. We are also known for grain and flour mill in Melbourne and other equipment used for many different ways to preserve food at home.

The following are a few of the products we are offering:

To know more about our extraordinary products, please check out our shop.

Seasonal Offers

To ensure the production of the best beekeeping supplies in Australia, our beekeeping supplies related to hives are only offered between August to January. However, our grain mills, flour mills that are very well known in Melbourne, beeswax candles, and beeswax cosmetics are sold all throughout the year.

You may contact us here for more information about our business and beekeeping practices or supplies.

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