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Quality food making equipment and supplies for sustainable living

Bee sustainable provides specialty supplies and knowledge for beekeeping, cheese making, baking and food-preserving enthusiasts.

We provide expert support through the trials of getting started on your path to kitchen and garden self-sufficiency.

Bee Sustainable is for creative and resourceful people who value health and a deeper relationship with their food.

This video conveys the joy of suburban beekeeping, the benefits of preserving foods and a deeper relationship with your local environment.
Beekeeping Supplies
We are passionate about supporting you to get into beekeeping. We believe that keeping bees is a fantastic way to become more in-tune with the environment and is a great expression of sustainable living.

Preserving Food Supplies
Fowlers Vacola preserving products, jars, bottles rings and lids, perfect for jam making, dehydrating and pickling.

Grain Mills and Flour Milled to Order
If you’re into bread making, freshly milled flour will take your bread to the next level both in flavour and nutrition. We carry a full line of Waldner biotech grain mills and other baking materials.

Cheese Making
Cultures and rennet and moulds to make your favourite cheeses. We also have Mad Millie Cheese Making Kits.

Beeswax Candles
Home-made 100% pure beeswax candles. These long-lasting candles emit a beautiful beeswax aroma.

Beeswax Cosmetics
Nourishing beeswax skincare products using organic oils, local honey and beeswax. Fresh and made by hand.

Freshly milled flours and spices taste better and retain greater nutritional value and our handmade Waldner stone mills are superb for home or commercial use.