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Seasonal Ferments: Kimchi + Kombucha

Mar 1, 2018 | Workshops and Special Events


A natural implementation of permaculture practice, lacto-fermentation is a healthful, safe, low energy method of food preservation.

Join our resident fermento Molly Bryson in making kimchi and kombucha. A passionate permaculturist and former teacher of safe food handling practices, Molly conveys safe preservation techniques and the essentials of home fermentation in this interactive and tasty workshop.

At the conclusion of the workshop you will have an understanding of:

  • Principles of lactic acid fermentation of vegetables – leaves, roots and fruits
  • How to cultivate, feed and store your ferments for long and short term use
  • Relevant food safety and sanitization for ferments

During this hands-on workshop you will make kimchi and kombucha.

Participants will be limited to 8 to maintain an informal, interactive format.

Class Schedule

The workshop will be conducted usually on a Saturday morning or afternoon for 2 hours.

What you will learn
  • How to cultivate, feed and keep your ferments for long and short term use
  • How to assess PH, sugar and alcohol levels
  • Relevant food safety and sanitization for fermenting
What you will get
  • Comprehensive workshop notes and references/further reading
  • Your own fermented vegetables and kombucha to take home
  • A sampling of fermented food and drink

What to bring
  • Apron (We have some if you forget)
What to wear


Appropriate for

Everyone, no previous experience necessary

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