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Frame (Flat Pack) Wooden Full Depth


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Made to have a beeswax foundation inserted and hang inside a Hive Body (or Bee Box), either 8 frame or 10 frame size. This wooden full depth frame is made from selected Ponderosa Pine and has a slotted bottom bar that permits either conventional beeswax foundation or a plastic moulded foundation to be used.

A full depth wooden frame that can nailed together using a 25mm nail or with small staples from a staple gun. It is always advisable to do a nail in two directions in the lug join on the top bar for added strength. The frame handles nails or staples without splitting. The slotted bottom bar means that the frame can be used for conventional beeeswax foundation or with plastic moulded foundation. The frames are of exceptional quality and have a thicker than usual and very strong lug on the top bar.