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candlemaking the natural way by Rebecca Ittner (Book)


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Learn the fundamental techniques of candlemaking, including dipped rolled and molded methods.

31 projects to make with three common natural waxes, soy, palm and beeswax.

Beeswax has a longer burn life than petroleum based paraffin wax and offers a slow, nearly smokeless flame that gives off more light than other waxes. Beeswax and wicks for candlemaking are available from Bee Sustainable.
Relatively new in the candlemaking field, palm wax is clean burning, molds well, absorbs colour easily and retains fragrance. Soy wax burns clean and is very easy to clean up after, utensils used for making soy wax candles can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
All of these waxes are environmentally friendly.
There are candles to make in a variety of shapes and sizes and in colourful layers. Recipes feature aromatic scents, embedded objects, decoration and more. Ittner has a range of projects and plenty of tips such as how to useleftover wax and upcycle materials.
This is an extremely attractive and practical book, clearly and thoughtfully set out.