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Flaking Mill – Herculez by Waldner biotech – Grain Flaker Electric


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Grain Flaker for Manufacturer of Flaked Grain:

A very robust flaker of oats and grain that will reliably produce 30 kg of rolled oats an hour. Suitable for the small business manufacturing muesli or preparing oats, porridge or muesli in their shop daily.

Herculez by Waldner biotech

A machine to roll or flake large quantities of grain; suitable for a shop or food manufacturing business.   Robustly made to flake up to 30 kg per hour of oats or other grain.


Wood: stone pine

Grain crusher output: 30kg/h

Squeezer: adjustable stainless steel roller

Hopper capacity: 4 kg

Cylinders: ø 5 cm; width 3,8 cm

Measurements l / w / h: 67 / 32 / 43 cm

Motor: 230 V / 0,75 kW / 59 RPM

Weight:  39 kg

Guarantee:  2 years