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Pig AGSKILLS – A Practical Guide to Farm Skills by Jayce Morgan for NSW Dept Industry and Investment


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Practical information about pig husbandry, health care, breeding programs and raising piglets.

Some of the topics covered in this new Agskills title include: general safety precautions; animal welfare; quality assurance; move and load pigs; clip milk teeth and tails of piglets; trim boar tusks; castrate pigs; nose ring pigs; stomach tubing piglets; condition score pigs; recognise, intervention and caring for compromised pigs; techniques for injecting pigs; captive bolt gun euthanasia of pigs; recognise oestrus in sows; artificially inseminate sows; pregnancy diagnosis in sows; legal considerations for a pig farm; what is a safe work method statement?; checklists: prepare for the vet, herd health program and risk management of equipment.