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Oil Press Kit Complete with all accessories


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The Piteba Oil Press or Oil Expeller is suitable for manually extracting oil from nuts and seeds. The Olive Processing Cap transforms the Piteba oil press into a processing tool for fresh olives.All accessories included; D2 cap (for olives and coffee) mounting kit and funnel with feeding tool.

This kit comes complete with the oil press, which will produce oil from many nuts and seeds, the D2 cap which allows processing of olives and coffee beans, the accessory for mounting the press on any bench and the easy-fill funnel and feeding implement. All at a 10% discount on the individual prices.The Piteba Oil Press or Oil Expeller is suitable for extracting oil from nuts and seeds. The manually operated oil press is suitable for the continous pressing of oil seeds and nuts (undecorticated, no pre-treatment required). It can produce up to 2 litres of oil an hour and will process up to 5 kg of seeds per hour. It is of small size and will fit in an A4 envelopes. It has a weight of 2.3 kg.When used with the Olive Processing Cap olive oil and/or olive paste can be produced. The Olive Processing Cap also comes with a coffee washer which enable you to grind coffee.We cannot advise you on the best olive varieties for oil production. The Piteba press is a small domestic tool and will create olive paste or olive oil depending on the type of olives used. The output from the press requires a malaxation (a gentle warming and stirring) to make the oil form globules and float on the water prior to decanting.