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Kit- Mad Millie Hard Cheese


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This kit provides you with all the ingredients, equipment and recipes to make a variety of hard cheeses, just add your own milk.

A comprehensive booklet takes you through the basic principles of cheesemaking and gives you a step by step guide to creating a variety of hard cheeses. Included are recipes for Farmhouse Cheddar, Bra, Caerphilly, Asiago, Gouda and Colby. This kit allows you to make approximately 10 x hard cheeses (400g-500g). This kit includes a cheese press.Note: When maturing hard cheese, you will need to store it in a cool place that is approx. 10-16 degrees celsius. This could be in a cool place in your  garage, a dark cool cupboard, a wine fridge with temperature control or just a spare fridge where you can alter the temperatures.We also have a supply of other Mad Millie cheese moulds, equipment and consumables, please contact us for further information.