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Green Remodeling by Barry Katz(Book)


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Practical and down to earth green solutions for every day homes. If you are interested in creating a greener home this is the book for you.

This book is an essential guide for anyone who wants to go green but isn’t sure where to begin.Going green needn’t be an all or nothing, start over with a new house proposition. Barry Katz makes a compelling argument for remodelling and in this book guides his readers through the process of creating a more energy efficient and healthy home. This is not a “do it yourself”, “how to” book. Katz asks provocative questions and offers new ways of thinking about the “what to” when renovating and remodelling homes.What makes a successful renovation, and what do you value most in your home and lifestyle?Is more storage, more space, the latest gadgets and “looking attractive” enough?Is the use of non toxic materials, creating a healthier home for your family, worth added cost to you?Do you want to have improved air quality in your home?Do you have environmental concerns about the materials used and emanated from your home?This book is recommended as a very inexpensive first step towards a more energy efficient and healthy home.