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Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne by Doris Pozzi (Book)


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A guide to foraging, identifying and using common wild edibles and garden plants. Tips on how to use them in the kitchen and their medicinal properties. The weeds mentioned occur in urban centres across Australia including Sydney and Brisbane.

The aim of this booklet is to provide a guide to foraging for and using edible weeds and plants. It represents a brief overview of some of the most common edible weeds in Melbourne, and, also includes a few plants which are often found in local gardens but generally not grown as edibles. Many of these weeds and plants also have strong medicinal qualities. In addition to being prevalent in Melbourne, most of these weeds can be found across urban and regional centres in Australia, and in fact, can also be found in many areas of human habitation, including in the US, the UK, Europe and Asia.