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Choosing and Raising CHICKENS by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis (Book)


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“Chickens quite literally add ‘life’ to your life, providing a source of joy and relaxation after a stressful day.”This book is a practical guide to choosing and raising hens.

More than half of this glossy publication is devoted to over 70 different breeds of chickens. A simple fact file rates each breed by characteristics that have been chosen to assist you to make an informative choice when selecting your birds.Attractive colour photographs make this a very desirable book on the keeping of chickens. The complete guide to breeds and welfare.In the hope of answering poultry related questions before they arise, Choosing and Raising Chickens explains both the theory and the practical aspects of chicken keeping. It also includes quirky, “I never knew that” pieces of information.No matter how experienced a person may be in a certain area, he or she cannot know everything there is to know about it and will still have things to learn on a daily basis. Nowhere is this more true than when keeping chickens. This book is written by two experienced poultry breeders and authors, who hope to introduce the delights of chicken keeping to the newcomer and to share their fascination in the hobby with those who are already seasoned campaigners.160 pages