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Bee Keep Wee Bee Bundle


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Locally made hand painted beeswax cotton. Use it to replace gladwrap in your kitchen: shape it around a bowl, twist over a bunch of kale, wrap bread, cheese, half an avocado etc.

It is re-usable, simply handwash in cold, soapy water and allow to drip dry.Each piece has been steeped in local beeswax, pine tree resin and organic jojoba oil which render then naturally self-adhesive, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.The environmental benefits of this product transpire to the overall health of your produce, allowing a breathable environment from which gasses are able to escape, therefore preserving your food from spoiling too quickly. It offers an alternative to unecessary waste of plastic.Wee Bee Bundles includes:

  • 1 x small Bee Keep
  • 1 x medium Bee Keep

They come in a variety of prints and we cannot guarantee which prints will be shipped to you.