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Bee Sustainable is passionate about supporting you to get into beekeeping. We believe that keeping bees is a fantastic way to become more in-tune with the environment and a great expression of sustainable living.

Our mission is to help you get started and to support you in learning how to keep bees in your backyard, whether you live out in the country or in a suburban area.

We have a run beekeeping classes regularly, for people wanting to learn more about what’s involved or for people who simply want to learn from professional bee keepers about how bees operate as a species.

We sell all the supplies and materials you need to get a working beehive started. We even have bee hives for sale. And if you have a question, we’re just a phone call away.

Once you get started, you’ll learn about how easy bees can be to keep and you’ll see your backyard thrive like you’ve never seen it before.

Click here to check out our online store.

Or visit us in the Melbourne store and enjoy a honey tasting on us!


Here are just some of the products we have for sale and to rent:

  • Honey Extractors
  • Bee Suits
  • Bee Smokers
  • Bee Brushes
  • Capping Scratcher
  • Frame Grippers
  • Hive Clamps

If you have a specific question about a piece of equipment or availability, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Beekeeping Workshops in Melbourne

If you’re new to beekeeping – or just curious – you may want to enrol in one of our Saturday Workshop. The best way to understand how it all works is to come try it all out! Workshops are informal and interactive.

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