Natural Reed Banneton - Rectangle (30.5x14.5x8cm)

Natural Reed Banneton – Rectangle (30.5×14.5x8cm)


Dough proofed in these baskets retains the ridged shape when baked to create a rustic looking bread. Length 30.5 cm / Width 14.5 cm / Height 8 cm

You may wish to also purchase a liner made to size Liner to suit Rectangle Banneton

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“Bannetons come in various sizes and are baskets or containers used for shaping bread doughs while they are rising. They may be beautiful willow baskets…..The unlined willow basket leaves an attractive design on the crust of the bread. It is important to have a porous container so that the dough can breathe: otherwise, the moisture of the dough may cause it to stick…and the dough will collapse and deflate when unmoulded.”  Rose Levy Beranbaum, The Bread Bible.Cane bannetons, although porous, still require flouring to keep the dough from sticking initially.

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