Grain Mill - Electric : Family by Waldner biotech

Grain Mill – Electric : Family by Waldner biotech


For easy grinding of large or small family amounts. This masterpiece is finely crafted in sustainable Stone Pine timber.

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Milling your own flour enables you to create wonderfully nutritious and delicious flour from select  and mixed grains. Using your own mill allows you to grind as needed, thus avoiding the substantial loss of nutritional value that occurs within days of grinding.This electric mill is manufactured in Austria to the highest standards. By turning the hopper the mill is adjusted for coarse or fine flour and is suitable for all grain types. On a fine setting, 170gm per minute is the expected output with increased output on coarser settings. The mill stones are high grade corundum/ceramic and are self sharpening. The mill is backed up with an eight year manufacturer guarantee. The mill is powered by an industrial motor with overheating protection and a child safety device.The mill is suitable for many grain types including wheat, spelt, rice, buckwheat, barley, rye. Spices may also be milled.Wooden Casing: Solid Stone Pine Mill Output Fine: 170 g/min Millstone diameter: 100mm Hopper capacity: 1,300 g Measurements h/w/d: 36.5/25/25 cm Motor Volt/Hertz/Watt: 240 /50/360 Weight 9kg Guarantee: 8 years

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