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Nuc Hives for Spring *plus* a Special Offer for New Beekeepers!

If you’re thinking about beekeeping, or planning to add another hive, now is the right time to order a nuc hive: For $285, we will deliver you a working hive with a docile, hardworking new season queen, perfect for new beekeepers.  We back up our nuc hives with support and advice  and we will replace […]

Wintering your Hive: Winter Beekeeping Advice

Folks, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to be doing as the weather is cooling down…. Until yesterday, autumn has so far given us some of the mildest weather that I can remember for this time of year. Unseasonal as it may appear to us humans, it has been a great benefit […]

Preparing your hive for winter

It’s practically winter and hopefully your hive has given you enough honey to hold you over till next year. Now as May approaches we must prepare the hive so it can make it through winter in a strong and healthy condition and be ready for next spring. This is a critical time to prepare your […]

Seasonal Ferments: Kimchi + Kombucha

Description A natural implementation of permaculture practice, lacto-fermentation is a healthful, safe, low energy method of food preservation. Join our resident fermento Molly Bryson in making kimchi and kombucha. A passionate permaculturist and former teacher of safe food handling practices, Molly conveys safe preservation techniques and the essentials of home fermentation in this interactive and tasty workshop. […]

Beekeeping Workshop

Robert Redpath, proprietor of Bee Sustainable, will conduct a workshop to introduce prospective bee keepers to bee keeping; the basic knowledge required and tasks to complete to get started with a bee hive. At the conclusion of the workshop participants will have a basic understanding of: Bee behaviour The major tasks in hive management The […]

Sourdough Bread Workshop

During this hands on workshop you will make your own sourdough starter culture to take home. You will mix and hand knead a 1kg batch of sourdough. Shape and prepare dough for baking at home. And observe Rick baking a finished sourdough loaf.

Feta, Halloumi and Ricotta Cheesemaking Workshop

Learn to make three versatile Mediterranean cheeses with Jacqueline Bender, Bee Sustainable’s resident artisanal cheesemaker. What you will learn: The fundamentals of fermenting milk Coagulating milk using both starter cultures and rennet Cutting, draining and moulding curds How to brine and correctly store your cheese Join Jacqueline for an informative and tasty workshop. She will […]

Fermentation Workshop: Nurture the Cosmos Within

A natural implementation of permaculture practice, fermentation is a healthful, safe, low energy method of food preservation. Join us and learn to make a variety of ferments including kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and the essentials of home fermentation in this interactive and tasty workshop. Our workshop will be guided by passionate fermento Molly Bryson.     […]

Danish Dark Rye Bread Workshop

Would you like to learn a new skill that will benefit your digestive (‘gut’) health, while providing you with a delicious alternative to store bought bread? This Danish Dark Rye Bread workshop will teach you the secret to caring for your sourdough starter and walk you through the process of baking your own wholegrain dark […]

Late Summer Ferment: Tomato Salsa

  Here’s a fantastic recipe from Molly Bryson, Bee Sustainable’s fermentation expert and Unlock the Cosmos Within workshop facilitator. My practice in fermentation began four years ago, around the same time I started worm composting, keeping bees and rabbits, experimenting wherever I could. Fermenting appealed to my permaculture sensibilities – it’s safe, requires few tools, little […]